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January 1st, 2010 at 11:25 am

The holidays were fine, but I'm glad the festivities are winding down. My decorations are packed up for another year and the cleaning will be finished by this afternoon. I've been reading other entries that list goals for the new year which is right up my alley. My usual practice is to use the back of an envelope or the little notebooks I use to keep track of daily spending, but they're hard to find and so it's easy to lose track. This will work a lot better.

1. spending
a. use a budget for food and recreation
b. allowance in cash $150.00 each

2. Fun (pay as we go)
a. 12 activities away from home
b. record and post

3. Focused pay off of HELOC
a. total payment of no less than 1k
4. Roof
a. aggressive saving (20K)
b. agree on material- metal/comp?
c. obtain materials
d. commit to tear off date
e. hire someone

5. Rock wall
a. obtain materials
b. do the work
c. complete new planting

6. acid stain basement floor
a. remove furniture
b. clean floor
c. acid stain
e. poly finish

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